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> General:

What kind of address will I be given?
A real UK street address (not a PO Box). The address is of our prestigious offices based in Central London (EC1). The full address will be released to you when you sign-up (we do this to prevent unauthorised use). Example of address formats:
For Business use:
"Your Business Name"
Office/Suite/Unit XX
67-68 Street Name
For Personal use:
"Your Name"
Flat/Apartment XX
67-68 Street Name

Who can use the service and what for?
Any business or individual may use our service to receive post for whatever purpose, as long as it's legal. Our clients include private individuals, company directors, website owners, ebay traders, students, expats and various businesses.

How will you know what post is for me?
You must ensure that when you give out your new address, it is clear to anyone writing to you that they should include either your name or business name (or both) on the envelope. You must also inform us of any mailing names you intend to use so that post received can be matched to your account.

How many different names can I receive post for?
All our packages allow two (2) mailing names. For example, this could be your name and your businesses name. Or if you're using the service for personal use, perhaps your name and your partners name.

What if I need to receive post in more than two names?
We understand this is quite common if you run a business and have staff members and/or different trading names or brands. You can purchase additional mailing names at £10 each per year. Click Here to purchase.

What happens when you receive post for me?
We will handle your post exactly as you've instructed us to. You can specify how you would like us to handle your post during the sign-up process. If you need to change these instructions at any point, just Contact Us.

What happens if I exceed my free inclusive post allowance?
You will be asked to renew the package in order to continue using the service. The service runs for one (1) year or when you've reached the post allowance of your package, whichever occurs first. We will notify you when you need to renew.
> Post Handling:

Can you forward my post on to me?
Yes - we can forward your post to any address worldwide. We can send by standard post or recorded and re-package if required.

Can you open, scan and email me my post?
Yes - with your permission we can do this and it's included in our packages. We only scan letters up to three (3) pages.

Can you hold my post until further notice?
Yes - we can hold your post while you have an active account with us, as long as the amount of post and/or size of parcels/packages isn't excessive.

Can I come and collect my post?
No - we do not offer the option to collect post from our offices.

What about junk mail?
If you do not wish to receive junk mail, you can purchase our junk mail filter add-on so that it doesn't use up your post limit. This costs £15 per year. Click Here to purchase.
> Companies / Directors:

Can I use the address as a Registered Office and/or Directors Service Address with Companies House?
Yes - this costs an extra £20 per year in addition to one of our main packages (low, medium or high). If you have more than one company, you will need to buy separate packages for each of them. Click Here to purchase 'Companies House use'.

What is a Registered Office?
A registered office address is a legal requirement of all Limited companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) incorporated in the UK. The purpose of this address is to provide Companies House and HMRC with an official address for delivering statutory company mail and legal notices. A registered office must be a full, physical postal address, which we can provide.

What is a Directors Service Address?
A service address is required by all Company Directors as an official correspondence address. Rather have your home address in the public domain, you can use our address instead for privacy purposes.
> Other:

Do I need to provide any ID?
Yes. In order to comply with various regulations, we are required by law to verify customers using our service. Two forms of ID are required for each person using the service; proof of identity and proof of address. If you are a company, we will also need a copy of your certificate of incorporation and proof of ID and address for all Directors. Please note, if the ID:
- was issued in an EU country that's not in the UK, it must be certified
- was issued in a non-EU country, it must be notarised
- was issued in the UK, it does not need to be certified or notarised

Any other questions?
Please contact our team who will be happy to assist you. Click Here to contact us.

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